Which NBA players are playing in the 2020 NBA championship?

There were a lot of players who were injured last year, including the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and Paul George.

In addition, there were also players like Michael Carter-Williams, Carmelo Anthony, DeAndre Jordan, and Kyrie Irving who have been injured.

This season has been filled with injuries, too, with many players still out.

But in 2018, there weren’t any injuries on the depth chart and most of the players who missed games were playing.

So which players are still playing?

Here are the 10 most important players in the NBA.


Carmelo New York Knicks: Anthony Davis, Carmel New York Anthony Davis is averaging 28.4 points per game this season.

However, he’s been limited to just 15.5 minutes per game.

That’s a huge discrepancy between his minutes and minutes per games.

He is averaging 25.7 points per 100 possessions this season, and that number is expected to increase when the Knicks play a lot more, which is expected.

Anthony Davis has been limited due to an ankle injury.


Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder: Kevin Durant was forced to miss the entire 2017-18 season with an ankle problem.

He missed just 13 games last season with a broken ankle and was expected to play this season as well.

However he’s missed just 25 games over the last two seasons, so the team is going to be in a big hole this season with Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka.

KD had his worst shooting performance of his career last season, as he shot 36.6 percent from three-point range, according to ESPN.

KD has also had to play in just 15 games this season and his production has dropped off considerably from last season.

Durant is averaging just 15 points per contest this season so far.


LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers: James is averaging 21.4 ppg, 7.2 rpg and 2.7 apg.

He’s also scored in double figures in three of his last four games.

But the Cavs have been plagued with injuries this season in a lot different ways.

They’ve had players like Terrence Jones, DeMarre Carroll, Dion Waiters, and Tyler Zeller out of the lineup.

They also lost point guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who has had a very rocky season.


LeBron Jr. Cleveland Cavaliers-New York Knicks New York is on the outside looking in for James, as the Knicks are expected to win this season’s title.

However James has not been able to stay healthy, and he has not played in a single game this year.

James has averaged 17.5 points per night this season after averaging 20.9 points per-game in 2017-2018.


Chris Paul Golden State Warriors: The New York Clippers have been the favorite to win the title for a long time.

However the Los Angeles Clippers are expected, for the first time in years, to make the NBA Finals.

The Clippers are currently fourth in the Western Conference and will play the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs.

Paul is averaging 23.3 points per games this year and has played in just 10 games this month.


Anthony Bennett Philadelphia 76ers: Bennett is averaging 12.4 rpg, 6.6 apg and 3.3 bpg.

He also has been the team’s leader with 5.4 assists per game and 4.5 rebounds per game, per Basketball Reference.

However Bennett is also playing in just 14 games, and his minutes per contest has dropped from last year.


Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers: Lillard is averaging 13.6 ppg and 6.2 apg this season despite playing only 33 games this past season.

He was expected, if not expected, to be playing in 50 games this upcoming season.

Lillard has been dealing with a sprained right ankle for most of his first season in the league.


Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs: Leonard has been averaging 12 points and 10 rebounds per contest.

However Leonard has played just 21 games in his last five, which has been more than double the season average of 11.5 games played per contest in 2018-2019.


Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls: Rose is averaging 18.8 points per contests this season which is his best mark in over 10 years.

He has averaged 24.6 points per 36 minutes this season for the Chicago Bulls.


Kevin Love Minnesota Timberwolves: Love has averaged 26.5 ppg in his career, but has played only 31 games this calendar year.

Love is averaging a career-high 18.6 rpg per game for the Timberwolves this season while playing only 21 games.


Dwight Howard Orlando Magic: Howard is averaging 22.2 ppg this season according to Basketball Reference, which leads the league and is his career-best.

However Howard is playing just 21

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