Why the American Cup is an ‘American tragedy’

The American Cup has been a part of American life since its inception in 1886.

But now it’s facing its worst crisis in a generation.

For generations, the tournament has been an annual showcase for top American college basketball talent, but its most recent iteration has been marred by serious issues with its scheduling.

Last year, the Cup was the site of a major brawl between the NCAA and a pair of basketball schools.

But the NCAA won that battle, and this year’s tournament has had a number of issues, including a dispute over which of the nation’s four teams will play for the trophy, a lack of sponsors, and a series of incidents with the women’s and men’s teams.

On Monday, the NCAA released a list of the issues it had with the tournament, and the issue that’s likely to be most controversial is its scheduling for the first three days of competition.

The tournament will start with the national title game on Jan. 9, followed by the semifinals and championship game on Feb. 7.

Then the tournament will wrap up with the championship game in April.

But the tournament’s current schedule has some problems.

For starters, it’s not perfect, with teams on a break between games.

That can lead to issues with fans, players, and staff.

And as of Monday, a couple of teams were still waiting for their scheduled games.

The problem is that there aren’t a lot of games left to play.

The NCAA is trying to address this by putting more games on a Friday, and scheduling more games in advance of the start of the season.

But it’s unclear if the NCAA will be able to get through the weekend.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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