Which NBA player is most likely to be traded?

In 2017, the NBA’s salary cap will increase to $96 million, which means that teams will have to increase their spending on players.

The big issue with these moves is that the teams can only afford to spend $6 million more than they actually spent, meaning the team will have no room to spend and will likely have to sell players.

For this reason, there are three players on the NBA roster that are most likely in jeopardy of being traded in the coming year: Chris Paul, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George.

There is also a possibility of some other players getting sent to the amnesty line.

Paul George is set to make $19.5 million this season, which is more than the $16.4 million he made last season.

If the Pacers can keep Paul George on the team, the Pacers would have the financial flexibility to keep a player like Kawhi at a cheaper price than the other three players.

However, if the Pacers decide to trade Paul George to a team that has less cap space, they will need to find a replacement.

The Pacers have to find some cap room, but there is no easy way to do that without trading Paul George, which leaves the team with a hole on their roster.

There are other options for the Pacers, like acquiring one of the other two stars in this article, George Hill, but he is currently on a rookie contract and won’t be guaranteed a starting spot.

The Lakers have some cap space to work with, but they won’t have the luxury of using it.

They could use some of the cap space as an incentive to trade Pau Gasol or some other player to get some of that cap space back.

There has been no indication that the Lakers are looking to trade Gasol, so they could try to sign Gasol as a free agent, which would help the team keep him in L.A. The Lakers could also use some cap relief to try and keep Pau Gasole from leaving.

There are still a few teams that could use cap relief and can use the cap room to help keep some of their players.

If these teams do use the space, it could help them get a player that could help the Pacers with the salary cap.

However a player such as Pau Gasols salary is not something that will help the Lakers, since they need to use the salary they receive from the trade to help them maintain their cap room.

The team can also use the extra cap space they receive for any player that they would like to acquire.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of cap space that could be used to help with their salary cap and get a big player in the future, but if the Lakers want to use it to sign Pau Gasoles salary, they have to use that cap relief.

If that happens, the Lakers will likely end up losing a good player and getting a bad player.

The trade that the team makes would help them keep Pau in L, but it could also help the Laker franchise with a player who would help win more games.

If the Los Angeles Clippers can sign Paul George and help keep Pau, the Clippers would be in a position to sign some free agents.

The Clippers can use their extra cap room for a player to help get some cap flexibility.

The player would have to help the Clippers get wins.

The Sacramento Kings have a cap situation that could allow them to sign Paul Millsap to a long-term contract.

The Kings are currently under the luxury tax, which will make the signing of Millsap a lot easier.

The only problem is that he has not been able to sign a long term contract since last season, when he was traded to the Houston Rockets.

The problem with Millsap is that his contract will not pay him the maximum amount of money, which the Kings would have been able get if they signed him.

This could lead to the Kings not being able to keep him.

The Utah Jazz have a few options that could save them a lot money.

They can use some surplus space that they have accumulated to sign one of their draft picks to a longer-term deal.

The Jazz also have some salary cap room that they can use to sign an inexpensive player that would help keep the team afloat in the upcoming year.

This article has been updated to include information about the 2018 NBA Draft.

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