How to pronounce America’s Cup 17, America’s cup eos

How to say America’s most famous trophy – America’s largest oceanic fish – and the winner of its fifth and final tournament.

The 17th edition of the America’s cups was held in Auckland in 2018.

“The American’s cup is a national sporting trophy, with the national team playing on it,” Mr O’Connor said.

It is used to mark national and international championships. “

So it’s the oldest sporting trophy in the world.”

It is used to mark national and international championships.

It is also the most prestigious trophy in Australian sporting history and one of the largest prizes awarded by the Aussies to an individual.

Mr O’sConnor said the winner was chosen based on the quality of the play of the national side, which included players who scored in the opening three games.

“It’s a great honour to win it, it’s a trophy you can show off to your mates,” he said.

“You know you are going to get your chance at winning it when the time comes.”

We’ve been able to win three championships in a row, but we haven’t been able get to the final yet.

“When we do, we’ll be very proud.”

The final of the American’s Cup is a competition that is usually played on the water, with two teams from each nation competing in a final.

The winner of the cup is awarded the trophy, and the loser is awarded a share of the prize money.

“When the national sides have been competing in the American Cup since the early 19th century, it has become a very popular trophy for the people of New Zealand and Australia,” Mr Pritchard said.

The final will be played on December 1 in Auckland, New Zealand.

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