How to become an American icon

The American icon is the man who created the idea of America as a melting pot of cultures and races.

He is also the most important and influential person who shaped the way we think about politics and the media, from the debates in the early days of the Cold War to the rise of the Tea Party movement.

The man most likely to have given rise to the idea that America was a melting-pot nation has never spoken to a person from any other nation.

But he is in the running to become the country’s most important man.

The first person to ever win a Nobel Peace Prize is also one of the most widely read, and most widely revered, writers in the English language.

His Nobel-winning novel, The Grapes of Wrath, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1955.

His latest book, America: A People’s History, is the most comprehensive and authoritative study of the country ever published.

In his new book, The America I Never Knew: How America Changed and What It Means for the World, Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Lessig traces the roots of American exceptionalism to the early 1900s, when Americans had the chance to make the world a better place.

Lessig has written that the United States was founded in 1836 as a country to “make the world safe for the human spirit.”

His book is a work of historical scholarship and a must-read for anyone interested in America’s past and future.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lessig grew up in the shadow of the Civil War and went on to earn a degree in history at Princeton University.

In the mid-1950s, Lessi started a weekly column for the New York Post.

He later became a columnist for the Times and then, in 1972, began working for the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank.

He went on in 1973 to work for the Cato Institute, the think tank he founded in 1995.

Lessig then went on the editorial board of The American Conservative, which he ran from 1996 until his retirement in 2015.

Lessi is one of America’s most prolific writers.

In 2004, he wrote the definitive history of American democracy, America First: The Triumph and Tragedy of American Democracy.

Lessik’s book was the first biography of George Washington, the first American president to be awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

It won the 2002 Nobel Peace Laureate Prize for literature, the highest honor in the history of the prize.

In 2013, he became the first person in history to be appointed to the National Medal of Arts and Sciences.

He was named an International Distinguished Visitor to America in 2017.

In 2018, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

Lessigs book America: An American Dream won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction.

He also was named the 2016 Man of the Year by Time magazine.

In 2015, he won the George Polk Award for Outstanding Writing, the Pulitzer Prizes for National Reporting and the Pulitzer for Nonfiction.

In 2017, he received the Pulitzer Distinguished Service Medal for his work on America’s role in global peace, justice and security.

In 2017, the White House named him the first African American to be a fellow of the American Institute of Architects, and in 2018, the New England Conference of Catholic Bishops honored his contribution to the Catholic Church.