USA’s Cup design is almost done, but the US needs to be ready for other countries

The United States has been in the final stages of designing its new world cup soccer jersey, which will be worn by the US women’s national team in the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

USA Today reported Friday that the team has received design and development contracts from several different companies, and it could be the beginning of a much larger contract to develop other apparel.

The U.S. won’t unveil its design until June, but it has already been working with Adidas to get the design ready.

Adidas is the parent company of Nike, which has been designing the soccer jerseys for decades.

Adidas will also provide the jerseys with the Nike Air Max, the company said in a statement.

Adidas’ previous World Cup jersey designs included a white jersey, with blue trim.

The new jersey will be red, with black trim, the statement said.

The announcement was made by Adidas president Brian De La Torre and head of soccer development Andy Wysocki, according to USA Today.

The USNT announced it would be wearing the jersey in 2018.

USA TODAY sports columnist Dan Wetzel contributed to this report.