How to get your medical marijuana card before the 30th America’s Cup

American Samoa, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Niue, Tonga and Tuvalu are the three Pacific nations that are currently competing for the 2020 America’s Cup.

The tournament kicks off in July with the U.S. sailing to the Bahamas, and then a round-of-16 match in Hawaii on July 30.

The two matches are being broadcast live on NBC, ESPN and TSN.

There are currently eight confirmed American Samoa players who are eligible for the tournament, including former U.A.E. midfielder Justin Mares, who is a member of the Samoa National Team and a member.

The other four American Samoa athletes are the former New Zealand international goalkeeper John Kordiel, the American Samoa captain, and former Fiji international winger Michael Tufari.

The U.T.A., the reigning champions of the Pacific, will compete in the round-robin round-off against Samoa, which has qualified for the next two-leg playoff for the 2018-19 World Cup in Russia.

In addition, Samoa will also play three matches in the quarterfinals against the United States, which qualified for this year’s tournament.

The three-team, eight-team U.F. Cup was created by the World Cup Committee in the late 1970s and is currently held annually by the U, U.N. and FIFA.

The U.K. has hosted the tournament since 2003, and Australia hosted in 2006.

In 2010, Japan hosted the event.

The event was replaced in 2018 by the Women’s World Cup, but the format remains the same.

The American Cup, in its current form, is also the only major sporting event on which all participating nations compete for a share of the $250 million pot.