Canada’s cup is ‘unlikely’ to get another Canadian jubilant celebration

A Canadian celebration of its jubilation is unlikely to get a boost from the country’s upcoming independence day.

The anniversary of the Queen’s jubilations at Windsor Castle has been celebrated in Canada since 1893, but the date of this year’s jampacked celebration has not been confirmed.

There are currently no official plans for the jubilees to take place on this year, according to an email sent to CBC News by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

The federation said it had received no formal communication from the government about the date or the format of celebrations, and had not heard from the Crown corporation or the Canadian Armed Forces.

The jubilais were also the last occasion for the Queen to visit the United States, before she became the first Queen to travel to Canada.

The Crown corporation is preparing to unveil a new flag that will be the first to feature the colors red and white, as the Canadian flag.

The Queen is due to make a rare public appearance in New York on Monday, where she will meet with President Donald Trump and discuss the new U.S.-Canada trade deal.

The crown corporation said it has no plans to use the occasion to promote the deal.

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