‘We are a nation of immigrants’: Germany’s chancellor opens doors for refugees

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has opened up a new chapter in her countrys migration crisis, saying she hopes the refugees will “not have to go to the streets.”

The migrant crisis is a problem in Germany, but Merkel’s openness to the influx of refugees has been praised by many in the country, including those who believe she is protecting Germans’ identity.

Merkel’s government is planning to offer asylum to as many as 20,000 refugees in the coming weeks.

The plan is being opposed by the conservative Christian Social Union, which has said it will not support Merkel’s refugee plan and is calling for stricter border controls and stricter deportations.

A recent poll by the Forsa institute found that 53 percent of Germans would welcome refugees from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe if they come to their country.

“We are the nation of migrants, we are the people who suffer from this,” said Merkel.

“But we also have to make sure that we do not become a nation that is a victim of this.”

Merkel made the announcement on Friday in a speech in the Bavarian city of Ansbach, which is home to Germany’s two largest refugee camps.

Mercken is not the first German chancellor to discuss refugee resettlement.

In October, the country’s Chancellor Werner Faymann said his government would provide “as much protection” as possible for migrants from Syria, Iraq and other countries in Europe.

The move came as thousands of migrants poured into Europe in recent weeks and Merkel’s government has been struggling to manage the influx.

Germany has admitted almost 1.1 million refugees, a number that could rise further if thousands are forced to leave their home countries and seek asylum elsewhere.

Merkels government is currently considering a plan to resettle up to 500,000 migrants in Germany each year until 2024.

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