Which of the three Americas Cup finalists would you like to see win next year?

The first round of the World Cup has concluded and it’s time to choose who the best team is going to be.

This is the time to decide who the next World Cup team is and which of the trio that could potentially be the most successful is the best bet.

Let’s start with Brazil, and what’s the difference between the two sides?

The two sides have different histories and their teams are very different.

In Brazil, there was a lot of excitement when Brazil were first crowned champions in 2004, but it’s been a while since they’ve been crowned champions again.

Brazil have never won a World Cup, but they have never lost a single game, and they’ve never lost to anyone other than Chile.

They’ve won the last six World Cups, but the last time they won the tournament, they were beaten by the US in the Round of 16 in 2012.

So it’s a very different kind of team, and it would be hard to pick one out.

The other side of the coin is Argentina, who won the 2005 World Cup in a very narrow 2-1 defeat to Chile.

That was the only time they’ve lost to any team outside of the top two of the rankings since then.

But Argentina have been the best side in the World since their very inception, and that team has won the past three World Cups.

And they have a great coach, Mauricio Pochettino, and he has won all three of his World Cups as well.

They have a very good squad.

But the best thing about Argentina is that they have this Brazilian mentality, this Argentinian mentality, that’s a real team that plays with the ball and makes decisions in a team atmosphere.

That’s what makes them so good.

And this team has the ability to take the World title.

The Argentina team is not only Brazil’s best, it’s also the best in the world right now.

The US, who have had a lot to prove at this tournament, are looking for a first-place finish, which is a big accomplishment for a team that won only two games all tournament.

But even though the US have a long way to go, they have an outstanding team that’s hungry to win this tournament.

This team is hungry to be champions.

So the best way to get Argentina to the World’s Cup is to win.

Argentina has a great team that can win the World Championship, and their fans will be very happy with the result.

The team will also be looking forward to the next game, as they’ll be the defending champions.

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