How England will face Germany in their final Group G game

With the USA taking on Germany in the final Group D game of the World Cup, there are a number of questions about how England will approach the game.

Here’s what we know so far:Will England play with two forwards?

Will England start with a striker?

Will the England captain, Wayne Rooney, come in for the injured Steven Gerrard?

Will the England team be more attacking or defensive?

Will England be more physically imposing or tactically compact?

How the USA’s World Cup qualifying campaign has goneEngland have won just one of their last four matches in Group D, which is a record low.

But they have played with a 4-2-3-1 formation, which has proved difficult for Germany.

In their opening game against Argentina, they went three-nil up before a late goal by Mario Gomez gave them a 3-0 lead.

They have also had a difficult time scoring in the last four games of the group.

And in a similar vein, England have struggled against Germany in Group G, winning just once in seven games.

The two sides have played every other round of qualifying.

But the USA are the only team with a chance of winning Group G with just one win. 

“The most important thing is to come out with a good result,” said Roy Hodgson.

“We have a lot of work to do and we know that we are very far away from winning a game.”

But that doesn’t mean we are not focused.

We will work hard and we will try to win as many games as possible.

“We are not looking at anything but we want to try and do our best and we want this to be a good tournament.

We want to play with confidence, and that’s the main thing.”

Will the USA play with four strikers? 

Will England start the match with a player of Rooney’s quality? 

Who will captain the side? 

The USA will be without captain Wayne Rooney and captain Clint Dempsey for their World Cup qualifier against Argentina.

The captaincy is also being contested by Clint Dempsey, who will captain his country in their World, in the first match of the tournament. 

If the USA do lose the match, they will be eliminated from the tournament, meaning they will not qualify for the knockout stages of the competition.

Will England try to make a breakthrough? 

England’s World cup qualifying campaign could be the closest thing to a success to come for England.

They qualified with a draw against Uruguay and have only lost one of the last three games in Group E. They are now unbeaten in their last five matches in the tournament and they will play their final match in Brazil, before the World cup ends on June 15. 

There is a chance the USA can take the lead, although that is unlikely. 

Will the captain be the same? 

If Wayne Rooney is not in the England squad for the final game, then the captaincy will be decided by the coach, Roy Hodgon, who said he was looking for a new captain for the game against Germany. 

In the case of Clint Dempsey and Steven Gerrard, Hodgon has said he will use the captain of the team, Roy Jones, in his final match, as well as Wayne Rooney. 

What will be the England players’ role? 

There will be no changes to the England line-up for the first game.

England will have two full-backs, three centre-backs and two wing-backs.

The England team will include two new players. 

Nathaniel Clyne will start at left-back, with Ben Foster coming in for Steven Gerrard. 

Gerrard, Hodgson and Rooney will also start in midfield, with Rooney coming in to partner England’s captain, Steven Gerrard on the right. 

Who are the top five strikers in the world? 

Germany’s Christian Pulisic is the world’s top-scorer at 23 goals in 34 games, but he has only scored once in World Cup qualifiers. 

His fellow Germany striker, Robert Lewandowski, has scored four goals in nine games in qualifying for the World, but only once in his last two matches. 

The top-scoring striker in World Cups history is Diego Maradona’s Argentina team in 1990. 

Brazil’s Neymar has scored 25 goals in 26 games in Brazil’s World, scoring four goals against Brazil in the quarter-finals of the 2002 World Cup. 

He scored eight in the round of 16 against Uruguay in 2014, but was not included in the Brazil squad. 

France’s Romelu Lukaku has scored seven goals in his 10 games in World cup qualifiers, with two goals in the qualifying campaign. 

Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the top-spinner in the Bundesliga with 16 goals in 17 games, with only one goal scored in his World Cup campaign.

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