New Delhi – ‘Sachin Tendulkar’s India Cup has not gone to plan’

New Delhi: India’s top Test opener Sachin Tendukar’s men have been denied the chance to host a major tournament and will miss out on the 2019 World Cup, the Indian cricket board said on Thursday.

India’s cricket board had hoped to host the 2019 ICC World Cup in New Delhi in November and the International Cricket Council (ICC) had hoped the 2019 tournament would also include a domestic league, but both the matches have been cancelled after the Delhi High Court struck down the ICC’s decision to grant a franchise to the All Blacks.

Tendulkar and his team-mates were due to play in New York in November but the ICC had decided to cancel the event, citing security reasons.

Tendukar has been an ardent supporter of the ICC and a key member of the BCCI’s board. “

This has affected the cricket activities of the Indian team.”

Tendukar has been an ardent supporter of the ICC and a key member of the BCCI’s board.

The ICC is now reviewing its options, but India has been given two months to make a decision on whether it will play in the tournament or not.

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