How to watch the America’s Cup betting odds

America’s cup season kicks off on Sunday with a doubleheader between New Zealand and Germany, who will play at 4pm ET, and Australia, who are currently in fourth place at the moment.

Betting Odds: Betting on the America Cup is a tricky business, with many people underestimating how much it can go one way or another.

The more bets you have, the better.

However, betting on the race between the United States and Germany could well be the most exciting, with the winner of the first two legs being crowned America’s champion.

If the Americans win both, the winner is guaranteed the right to be crowned America in 2020.

Betting odds on the final round of the America and Germany races are currently set at $8.50 each.

Bet on America’s win, and you’re guaranteed a chance at a big prize.

The odds on New Zealand’s victory are set at a $2 bet.

And if you’re in the mood to bet on the American Cup, you can bet on Australia’s win.

Bet on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands winning the race to crown America’s winner.

The bettor can also bet on France winning the title, which would mean the winner would have a guaranteed spot in the 2020 World Cup.

The best bets are on France taking first place and then the Netherlands finishing second, and then France finishing third.

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