How the world got distracted by football for another week

FIFA, the world’s governing body for soccer, is known for its speed and efficiency.

It’s also notoriously difficult to keep up with, which means that the World Cup is often seen as a spectacle in which the action is taken behind closed doors.

But, on Wednesday, the tournament went into hibernation.

For nearly three months, the governing body has been unable to confirm or deny any wrongdoing.

And it is unclear how long it will be shut down.

The World Cup has been in hibernation for a year, but it will return to life next month.

It’s the first time that the tournament has gone without a full, live press conference since it began in 2006.

This year, the media were allowed to get a glimpse of the tournament’s final days, which are scheduled for June 14-15.

But only a handful of reporters were allowed inside the tournament site on Wednesday.

The news about the 2018 World Cup went live at 8:30 p.m.

ET on Wednesday in the US and UK, and then the same time in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Egypt.

But there was no coverage of the 2018 tournament from Russia or Russia-occupied Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in March and which the U.S. and other nations are still trying to find a peaceful solution to.

At that time, the Associated Press reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the 2022 World Cup would be held in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, which would be the first ever Olympic Games held in a foreign country.

That announcement was accompanied by a video in which Putin declared that he would “protect” the Sochi Winter Olympics, which have already been cancelled for 2022.

The Associated Press is owned by the Associated Industries Group, which is also owned by Time Warner, which has invested millions of dollars in the 2018 Sochi Winter Games, which it says will draw millions of spectators to the country.

It did not respond to questions from VICE News about whether the 2018 Winter Games would be cancelled.

But it’s clear that the 2018 Olympic Games were not the only Olympics that the Russian government wanted to hold in Russia.

Putin also announced in September that he wanted to host the 2018 European Championships, the European Football Championships, and the World Rugby Championships, all events held in Russia, as well as the 2018 Asian Games and the 2019 World Cup in Russia as part of a wider plan to host international sporting events in Russia for decades to come.

“I have a lot of good things to say about this, but you must understand, we have no choice,” Putin said.

“We can’t afford to have a new tournament, and we can’t have another Winter Olympics.”

The AP’s coverage of that announcement was widely criticized.

The AP, which covers soccer for more than a million people, has been under fire for its coverage of Russian athletes’ doping scandals and other issues, including the Russian media’s coverage last year of a fake Olympics that was staged to look like a fake World Cup.

The AP also has been criticized for its refusal to report the results of the 2017 US presidential election.

After Trump won the election, the AP reported that he was awarded 306 electoral votes, which he won with more than two million votes, but did not reveal how the election had been won.

The next year, a report from the AP found that the Trump campaign used a website that was not registered with the FEC, and was funded by a Russian billionaire who is a member of the Putin family.

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