Which is the best football stadium in the USA?

The US Men’s National Team are to play their first match at the United Soccer League (USL) headquarters in Kansas City on Sunday, after the league’s president, Bob Foose, announced that the tournament would be moved to a stadium in Washington state, a decision that has divided the soccer world.

But what if we could ask you to choose between the two?

And how much would you pay for a ticket to one?

Here’s a guide to the best stadiums in the US. 1.

Kansas City Arena The Kansas City Royals will host the USA against Canada on Sunday.

This is the home of the US men’s national team and the venue where the women’s team plays.

It’s also where the men’s and women’s national teams met in the 1994 World Cup final.

The Royals have been the most successful US team in American soccer history, with nine MLS Cup titles and three US Open Cup titles.

The stadium is located at the corner of the Kansas City metro area and the Interstate 50, and it has a capacity of 16,000.

The average price of a US ticket is $130 (£86) per person.

Tickets can be purchased at the stadium or on the internet.

Tickets go on sale on November 6.


Kansas Citrus Bowl The Kansas Citron Bowl was created in 1999, when Kansas City became the first American city to host the World Cup.

This venue is located in downtown Kansas City, which is the second-largest city in the United States after Los Angeles.

The Citrus bowl seats around 8,500, and the seats can be reclined for a cheaper price.

The team has won six World Cups and five US Open Cups, but the Citrus has never won a major trophy, as it hasn’t qualified for a World Cup since 2001.

The seats can also be reclining for a lower price.

Tickets to this game are on sale now for $60 (£39).


Mercedes-Benz Stadium Mercedes- Benz Stadium is a massive, three-tier stadium that was built for the World War II era.

The building was designed by British architect Sir John Cooper, who died in 2009.

The first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be played at the venue, which was built in the 1920s.

The match, which will take place on November 16, will be the third-most watched match in US sports history.

The capacity is 30,000, and seating is located on the top level of the stadium.

The cheapest ticket for this match is $85 (£50).

Tickets can also purchase at the Mercedes-Bimmer stadium or online.


US Airways Stadium The US Airways stadium in Miami was the venue for the 2001 World Cup Final between the USA and Canada.

It is also the site of the first soccer tournament for the US national team since 1994, when it won its first World Cup title in 1994.

The venue was designed and built by US-based firm Pinnacle Entertainment, which acquired the rights to the name.

The seating capacity is 16,600 and it can seat an average of 16.5 people.

The most expensive ticket for the match is just over $1,000 (£820).


Mercedes Benz Arena The Mercedes-benz Arena in Berlin is the biggest football stadium to host an international tournament, having hosted the European Championships in 2019.

The field, which seats around 9,000 people, is located near the entrance of the Wielkeberg stadium.

It has a seating capacity of 22,000 and is the third most crowded stadium in Germany after the Mercedes Arena in Dortmund and the Arena des Americas in Paris.

The price for this game is around $80 (£62) per seat.


Levi’s Stadium The Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara, California, was the site for the 2016 US Open cup final between the US and Costa Rica.

The San Jose Earthquakes are the US team that played in this game, and will be playing in the Levi’s final.

Levi is the name of a team in the football league of the San Jose Bay Area, and is home to several US teams.

The ticket price is around £70 (£45).


Honda Stadium The Honda Stadium in Los Angeles is the stadium where the MLS Cup final between Toronto FC and the San Francisco Deltas will be held.

The home of MLS and US men is located about 10 kilometres away from the city centre.

It was built by the company that owns the Los Angeles Dodgers, and was designed in 2000.

The seat capacity is 20,000 but the cheapest ticket is just under £250 (£150).


Toyota Stadium The Toyota Stadium in San Diego was the home for the 2017 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament.

The ground is located close to the city’s main airport, and can seat around 15,000 fans.

The tickets for this tournament are on offer from the ground floor.

Tickets cost £70 (about $85

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