Which of the three European nations can claim to be the best?

There have been some big games in the last few weeks, but it’s the World Cup that is really the big one.

With Germany, Argentina and Portugal all beating the Germans at home, the three nations are in a strong position in the race to claim the top spot in the World Cups qualifying rankings.

The two big problems facing the teams are the quality of the opposition and the depth of their squad.

Here is a look at the three teams, and their chances of winning their games.

Germany Germany: The reigning World Cup champions were in the hunt for a first trophy when they lost 2-0 to Portugal in the quarter-finals.

They were playing against the best players in the world and the result proved costly.

But they had an excellent run of form during which they beat Brazil and Italy in the group stages.

They then beat Ghana in the semi-finals and defeated Uruguay and Argentina in the final.

They could not get the best of their opponents at home but were dominant on the road, winning four of their six group games.

Their performance in their last five matches is testament to the quality they have.

They are unbeaten in their past eight games, winning nine and drawing three.

Argentina Argentina: The most dominant side in Brazil, Argentina were beaten 4-1 at home to Uruguay.

Their win over Ghana saw them qualify for the quarter finals, but they will need to win all four games to get through.

The Argentine national team has improved since the Confederations Cup in 2010.

The best goal scorer, Dani Alves, has joined the Argentine squad, and he should be a massive boost for the Argentina team.

They won’t be easy to beat at home against Brazil, who have conceded just seven goals in five games.

Portugal Portugal: They are not as dominant as the Germans or the Argentines, but the Portuguese side is still the best team in the competition.

They lost to Argentina at the World’s Fair, and were beaten 5-0 at home by Spain.

They can beat both Brazil and Germany in the Group stages.

Italy Italy: Italy have been one of the most exciting teams in Europe in recent years.

They have been in the title race since the World Championship and have the talent to be one of Europe’s best teams.

However, they have had problems on the pitch, with Mario Balotelli and Marco Verratti both suffering injury setbacks.

They need to be at their best when they face Brazil, as they have not lost a match in Brazil since their World Cup victory in 2010, and will have to make do with a team that has struggled with injury.

Portugal Brazil: Portugal will be hoping to return to the top of the World Championships after finishing fifth at the Confederates Cup.

They did so last year, beating Argentina and Ghana in Group A, and beating Uruguay in the second leg of the semi finals.

They will face a Brazil side that has lost five of its last six matches.

The Brazilian side was also in a tough group of opponents, and have not won at home since winning the World Club Cup in June.

They also have to play the United States and Argentina.

Argentina Germany: Brazil are the only other team to beat them in the qualifiers, so it will be a tough task for the German team to win.

It will be difficult for them to win when they play in front of a crowd of 80,000 people at a neutral stadium in Sao Paulo.

The Germans are favourites to win in Brazil but will be hard pressed to get away with a draw in a hostile environment.

Portugal Italy: Brazil have been the most dominant team in Brazil and have a history of winning matches at home.

However the likes of Mario Balotelli and Marco Perrone will be absent due to injury.

They face a Portugal side that is unbeaten in four games, and they have lost just one in their five matches.

Portugal Argentina: Argentina have been impressive in their recent form, and it was a difficult game for them at the FIFA Confederations cup.

They beat Portugal in their opening game of qualifying, but that game was abandoned after the match.

They must be confident going into the final with the quality that they have shown. Portugal