Watch a cup grinder at work: This is how to do it yourself

The first thing you’ll need to do is locate your machine and get it running.

There are plenty of free and cheap online cup grinding machines on the market, but these are the best.

This is the machine you’ll be using for this tutorial.

Here’s a brief video walkthrough on how to setup and use your machine.

Before you start the process, make sure you’ve got your coffee and cup ready.

You don’t want your coffee to sit in your coffee mug for too long, and you don’t need it to be cold.

Now open the lid on the coffee grinder.

This will be the only time you’ll actually have to remove your coffee from the machine.

You’ll need a spatula or a knife to break down your coffee.

You’ll also need some water.

This can be a cup of tea, a bottle of water, or even a bowl of ice water.

You can buy coffee filters, but I find these are a great way to keep your coffee cold.

Once you’ve emptied the coffee cup, you’ll want to remove the lid from the grinder and add it to the cup.

The grinder lid is a little small, so you’ll have to make sure that it sits on the top of the cup before it can be removed.

Once you’ve done that, you can push the cup up against the top so that it’s just a little higher than the top.

This makes it easier to lift and move your cup.

Once your coffee is on the cup, it’s time to add the coffee grinders water.

Make sure you rinse off any excess water from the water reservoir before pouring the water into the grinders cup.

The grinders cup needs to be at least a couple of inches in diameter.

I like to leave mine at least 2 inches.

Once your grinder is full, it should feel a little warm and full, but you should be able to lift it out of the mug with the spatula.

Now you need to add your coffee grind.

If you have a coffee grater that comes with a lid, you don,t have to worry about removing it from the cup just yet.

You just have to use the spatulums blade to cut the coffee away from the top and pour the water out of it.

Once it’s all out of coffee, the coffee should be ready to drink.

The last thing you need is the grater itself.

The only thing you have to do to use it is open the top lid, then lift the cup to pour the coffee out.

This should be easy and fun, but if you’re having trouble with the first part of this tutorial, it may help to know a little more about how grinders work.

You’re now ready to start grinding.

To start, put the grating in the machine and start grinding on your coffee cup.

You may have to push your cup a little bit further to get the coffee to grind evenly, but that’s okay because the grinders will work together.

You’re only going to grind coffee if it’s cold, so that’s not a problem.

Once the coffee is done grinding, you should have a cup with a nice cup shape.

You won’t be able as much coffee into your mug as you might with a regular cup, so it’s important to use a spatulum to make the coffee into the cup as evenly as possible.

You should now have a clean cup.

Now that you’ve completed the grind, it is time to pour out the coffee.

I recommend using a water-based coffee filter.

I use a filter with an inbuilt coffee filter, but the coffee filter I have is an inexpensive filter that you can get for free.

You will need to remove any excess filter before pouring your coffee into it.

You may need to put a small amount of water in the coffee pot to make it water-tight.

The cup should be a little bigger than the water in your cup, but not too big.

The cup should feel like a normal cup, with just a tiny bit of coffee in it.

Now, pour the whole cup of coffee into a cup.

You should be left with a smooth, creamy drink.

You also want to pour this out of a clean, water-resistant mug.

This doesn’t mean that you need an expensive mug, but it’s still good to get one that you don.t have anymore coffee in.