When it’s the Puma Cup: Puma America’s Cup origin

The Puma American’s Cup will return to the United States in the fall of 2020, and it’s looking like the American’s cup will make its way to a number of other countries in 2018.

The Pumas first bid to host the Cup was made in 2014, when it was awarded to the San Jose Earthquakes.

A group of seven MLS teams were able to secure the rights to host an event in the United Kingdom, where the American Cup will be played.

A few years later, the Pumases bid to win the Cup for the first time in history was successful.

The U.K. bid for the Cup came in the form of the London Calling, where it was decided that the Puman’s American Cup bid would be the one to be hosted.

The team that wins the Cup is named after a Puma, and Puma fans are always looking forward to their cup, and will no doubt be excited to get a taste of the trophy in 2020.