Obama: ‘There’s no way’ we will win US election

President Barack Obama said Friday that he was “not confident” that a Hillary Clinton presidency will succeed in the United States.

Speaking to a gathering of African Americans in Atlanta, Obama acknowledged that the country is “a long way from where we wanted to be.”

“I have no doubt that we are going to win, but we have to be realistic,” he said.

Obama was referring to Clinton’s strong lead in the polls in November and a national poll released this week showed her with a commanding lead in a hypothetical general election matchup against Republican Donald Trump.

Obama also acknowledged that he is not “in a position to say, ‘This is what I think is going to happen’ but there is no way that I’m in a position now to say it’s not going to be the case,” he added.

“But I am confident that it’s going to come down to how we run the country.”

In the same interview, Obama was asked whether he believes a Hillary presidency would be more successful than a Trump presidency.

“I believe that the policies of both candidates are fundamentally incompatible with what we need in the country, but I’m not going there,” he replied.

“And I’m confident that if we get together and talk about the ideas that we have and that are actually going to make a difference in the future, I think there’s no reason for us to be in a place where we’re not going.”