When will America’s Cup collide with the US?

The America’s cup has been the focus of international headlines after the death of US swimmer Nicole Hockley.

The incident happened after a race in the US state of Florida.

The event has also been called a “breach” of the sport by US anti-doping chief Travis Tygart.

US officials were quick to defend the outcome of the race, insisting it was a perfect example of the safety measures that had been put in place.

However, the accident did not go unnoticed in Europe, with the race taking place just months after the crash of a British rider.

The crash of the US rider, American Olympic sailor, and British rider, Chris Froome, in June 2017 has also brought international attention to the sport, with questions being asked as to how a race of this nature could be conducted.

The US will also be hosting the Olympic Games next summer, with American officials keen to make sure that their country’s sports are ready to take part in the events.

The USA currently has an Olympic medal count of eight, which is only three shy of a World Cup, but there have been many concerns about the country’s preparations ahead of the events, as they include a number of issues such as the safety of the athletes themselves and the training of athletes.

However the Olympics are an event where the US has won a record number of medals and will be hoping to do well this time round.