A Cup design that’s just the right fit for America’s cup

A design for America�s national soccer team, made by Danish designer Håkan Holm, may have won the title of best national team cup design at the 2014 World Cup.

A team that had been missing a player for a month, as it did in the group stages of the tournament, finally scored its first goal when midfielder Marco Urena, the captain of Denmark�s Under-20 side, took a free kick in the 74th minute.

A few minutes later, the Denmark captain scored again, this time when defender André Gomes scored from close range after an assist from teammate Andreas Christensen.

The winning goal, by Denmark captain Andreas Christensen, was scored by André Urenas goal.

This was the first time that the U.S. national team had scored a goal in a World Cup qualifier since 1996, when it beat Brazil 2-1.

The Danish design was unveiled to the press on Tuesday.

It was inspired by the cup used by England and the United States during the World Cup, with a white cup featuring the words �The United States of America� on the top and a silver logo in the middle.

It�s the second time that Denmark has won the FIFA World Cup for the national team.

This time, the design won the competition for the best national cup design, but Holm didn�t take it for granted.

In fact, he was quite proud of his design, saying that it was one of the best he had ever seen.

I knew it was a design that I wanted to try,� Holm said.��It is quite a complex thing.

I was looking for a design which could represent America, a very strong and strong symbol,� he added.��I wanted to show how big and strong the United State is, and how powerful it is.

I wanted the design to be the most recognizable symbol in the world.��But he didn�re quite satisfied with the design�s final result, as he was unsure whether the cup would hold up to the conditions of the competition.��There are no hard and fast rules in this World Cup or any competition.

But, as I said, I think it is a great design, I believe in it and I want to make it a reality.�I think it�s an amazing design,� said Holm.

I think we have the best design in the tournament.

The Danish design is the best in the competition,� Urenaras teammate and Danish defender Andreas Christensen said.

It�s not the only one to win the competition so far, but the Danish design remains the most popular.

The design was selected by a panel of 12 judges who consisted of seven FIFA officials, seven national soccer clubs and seven sports writers.

The finalists are to be announced on Thursday.

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